Global SEO Specialist, Sydney Business Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Crippled at birth in New Zealand, Tony Adams is a high-energy international speaker, stockbroker, webmaster, author and businessman. He also happens to be the world’s fastest tap dancer from 2008-2012 and has broken two Guinness World Records!

Experienced in business strategy, SEO, digital marketing optimization, social analytics and consumer engagement strategies. Tony coaches business owners and professionals in the use of all forms of social media to change how they engage with their clients for greater results.

Tony has also worked as an investment banker, been seen in the top 10 shareholders of several Australian listed companies and co-founded Sydney’s Scorpio Music, acclaimed as Australia’s fastest growing record company and associated with managing major international acts Evermore and Matt Corby.

Radical Results Through Social Media Marketing (Key Note Address)

Tony Adams has had a life time of business experiences and has learned from them all that it’s all about the customer.

His social media marketing success secrets will inspire your sales team to double targets and motivate managers and professionals to greater performance, in even the most challenging of times.

Audiences come away feeling powerfully motivated and with his five step business coaching process for achieving radical change by engaging the latest online techniques – a process that can work for any business.

He looks closely at the goal achievement method used to double his income in 6 month and nearly doubling his Guinness World Record in New Zealnd in 9 months.

In a typical, give the customer more than they expect way, Tony concludes all presentations with a speed tap dancing demonstration that your conference will just love.

You can read more on the benefits of social media marketing techniques via Wikipedia and the Australian Laws relating to it.

Tony is founding principal of Ztue Marketing which has a portfolio of review websites including Sydney Personal Tainers and Top Sydney Gyms. He is also founder of  Painters Sydney and Sydney SEO.


“I have seen many speakers over the years, but none have engaged us and changed the energy in the room like Tony did”
CEO, Critchlow Ltd, New Zealand

“It has been an honour to work with Tony. He presents with authority and enthusiasm and captivates audiences by sharing his wealth of personal experiences. He speaks with integrity and in doing so inspires you to achieve greater results.”
Director, City Brokers Hardie Ltd, New Zealand

“We have used Tony on many occasions to address our clients. He is an excellent presenter who draws on a vast array of personal experiences and our clients have always enjoyed listening to him. When we have asked him to speak on a specific topic he has always delivered, and exceeded expectations.”
Principal, Wealth Design Ltd

“The keynote presentation on social media marketing was truly inspirational for all who attended. We cant wait to try all the new marketing techniques that Tony shared”
Di Muller Streetwear Designer

“The passion for inspiring us to achieve was extraordinary to experience. Everyone left with a strong understanding of how they can impliment his business coaching techniques to turn their business around or accelerate growth”
Sydney Waste Management

“Tony has been invaluable in assisting with social media insights for launching our latest project”
Commercial Interior Design

“I strongly recommend Tony to present on social media optimisation strategies”
Removalist Sydney

The Extraordinary Gains Made Using A Business Coach

Fourteen years ago Tony was achieving great success as a stock broker but felt stuck and wanted to achieve more than he was at that time. He engaged a business coach to look at his business model and see if they could assist him increase his revenues. The results were extraordinary and he doubled his monthly income in just six months. Since then he has refined the process and has made it his mission to convey the knowledge learned from that to business owners that he coaches to achieve similar outcomes. He has mentored numerous business owners in all different fields and can help you, regardless of the business niche you are in.

The process is simple and Tony would enjoy sharing insights into how he can help you by booking a free two hour consultation with him.

He looks forward to hearing from you: tony@tonyadams.com

“Tony turned the business around and I cann’t thank him enough. He made me look at everything I was doing and asked why I did it and how it could be done more efficiently”
Toby Smith – Roof Repairs Sydney

“We connot recommend Tony highly enough. His business coaching really opened our eyes as to how our personalities were holding our business back from growing”
JC and TA – Pest Control Sydney

“Stunning results! The coaching made it clear as to the changes needed and Tony guided us in a clear and methodical way that made it fun to cahnge the way we did things”
PB and RD – Digital Optimisation

“Tony’s experince and advice in optimising our business has been invaluable.”
PH – Compensation Lawyers

Tony would be delighted to help you in your goals, whatever they may be. Email or call him today!

Some Thoughts on ‘Why Engage Motivational Speakers’

Many visitors to this site contact Tony asking what benefits there are in engaging a motivational speaker for your event.

These are some of the points he make to them from his personal experience:

1/ Motivational speakers desire to impart change in those listening to them. If one of those in on his audience is inspired to make change in their personal life or business, the time spent doing the presentation is then so worthwhile for all concerned.

2/ High energy inspirational speakers can set the atmosphere of the whole conference if they are the first speaker. Leave a lasting impression on the quality of the conference if they are the last speaker and be light relief if used after a long day of industry presenters.

3/ There are forward looking organisations that have built their brand on bringing high quality industry speakers of authority to their events. Many can also motivate and inspire audiences in their presentations at the same time. Given Tony’s diverse business and personal background he fit this bill and is why he has become so popular. He knows firsthand the benefits of his work from heartfelt testimonials he regularly receives and he encourages event managers to strongly consider booking these types of speakers.
Tony’s Thoughts On A Company’s Unique Selling Proposition

As mentioned in his book, differentiation of your product or service to stand out from the crowd is so important. The legendary Walt Disney stated that to stand out from and outperform the crowd you must not do what the crowds do.

Great care in crafting the words”reap the rewards of being different’on the cover of his book because he meant it.

In every business he have been involved in the emphasis is on the extreme importance of this. Thousands of marking dollars are saved and profits increased from the strategy of having a unique selling stratergy (USP)

What is your USP?

UPS was an advertising and marketing term created in the early 1940’s by Roser Reeves of Ted Bates and Company. It can stand for unique selling proposition, unique selling point, unique selling product or unique selling price. The common word in all these is ‘unique’. You need to establish and be very clear on what is your business’s uniqueness. It is also imperative that you stick with it as its going to shape your brand.

Apples’s cutting edge product designs and innovative technology is their USP and sets them apart from their competitors. Nike sports wear has similar USP and customers buy both companies products to get and experience this. These companies dont have unique selling price as their USP as their pricing is certainly not at the discount end of the market and in fact more towards the upper end. McDonalds UPS is its fast family food restaurant style of operation.

When looking at your own USP you need to consider what your market niche is. If a lawyer, are you a generalist or specialist in deformation? If a bakery, are you a generalist or specialist party cake business ?

You do need to be very clear what your USP is and promote this with passion. Otherwise your advertising and marketing is going to be very confused and the impact of it lost. It will also assist clarify what imagery and logo branding you will need to adopt.

It is appropriate to give three UPS examples in Tony’s own business’s as a way of explaining this;

1/ there are hundreds of stock brokers in any country competing for the same share transaction business. How could you make yourself stand out from the rest and use that to your advantage?

Tony loved share trading using charts and was very good at this. He realised early on in his career that clients loved the idea of trading shares but were scared of venturing into it. So he created a discretionary share trading service where he effectively became a fund manager actively trading shares on behalf of clients and achieved great returns for them.

It’s an extremely risky business model for the broker and requires meticulous record keeping not to mention great investment skills. Because of this, it attracts close attention of industry regulators and compliance inspectors. Hence this is why very few stock brokers embark on providing the service.

It provided the perfect niche for his to climb into and claim as his own. The flow of new business was phenomenal and the great returns achieved for clients ensured significant growth of funds under management. Several years later he was able to retire leaving many conventional brokers wondering why they were still struggling.

2/Several years back before EBay Tony established several antique and collectible shops in New Zealand. He love old things and especially finding something for 5 dollars in a junk shop and selling it in one case for one thousand dollars in his own shop.

Tony hated going into musty and dirty old antique shops and seeing the same items for sale month after month. He knew that a clean and fresh smelling environment with completely new stock every four weeks ( minimum annual stock turn of twelve ) would create a collectors ‘must stop’ location.

Every item had a small coloured dot representing the month it went on display. On the 15th of each month all the remaining items with the preceding months colour dot was removed and sent to the auction room or sold to other dealers.

The shops were well lite, had new carpet and paint, all items for sale and display stands were meticulously clean and kept dust free.

These two things were the UPS and led to incredible repeat customer flow and zero dollars spent on any form of paid or printed advertising. The power of ‘word of mouth’ cannot be underestimated.

Customers had no idea what the coloured stickers meant and that the 15th of the month was rotation day. Tony instructed for regular customers to be offered 50% off goods they looked at that where old sticker items and coming up to the rotation day. He wanted the item rotated out of the shop and firmly believed it was better to give regular customers this unexpected bonus than receiving the same amount from an auction room.

Profit was still made given the significant mark ups and it worked a treat in gaining customer loyalty that you can only dream about.

3/ We built Scorpio Music up to ten international touring bands and artists on a less obvious USP. As website traffic is the lifeblood to Internet Marketing, fans are the lifeblood to any new artist. Tony recognised this and had dedicated staff focusing on building the fan base of each act we managed.

The many thousands of fans we had on our various email lists became extremely valuable in our pitches to sign hot new artists. The power of being able to offer this almost instant fan base can not be underestimated and we cashed in on it.

This is just one example of how we used this USP. The rewards of building on this USP can clearly be seen in the next example of how we leveraged it.

The most powerful use of the fan bases, apart from buying our artist cd’s, attending the live gigs and buying merchandise, was to have the power of the fan bases do our artist marketing for us.

Fans were messaged on email lists to let them know one of the Scorpio family of artists was releasing say an EP. They were given email address’s, phone numbers etc for every radio and music tv producer in the country and encouraged to request the new EP be played. You can imagine a radio show producer opening their email and seeing 400 different emails all requesting a certain song be played. You can bet it got air play!

This is leveraging the company’s UPS at its best and maybe you could do something similar? Tony would be pleased to help you establish your unique selling proposition. Email or call him today! tony@tonyadams.com

The World’s Fastest Tap Dancer and His Story (After Dinner Address)

A high-energy experience of the fastest feet in the world !

Tony demonstrates around the globe the speed tap dancing skills which saw him smash two Guinness World Records™, the first in 2008 (602 beats in 60 seconds), the second in 2009(1056 beats in 60 seconds or 17.6 beats a second!).

He shares the background, insights and fascinating story of him breaking the two records and this triumph after being crippled at birth, at conferences and on cruise ships around the globe !

He also loves taking a light-hearted look back over the years – growing up as a dancer in a very tough neighbourhood looking like Forest Gump and 22 years of riding the financial market highs and lows as a sharebroker in New Zealand and Australia.

Audiences around the world have been captivated by his story and to conclude Tony demonstrates all the tap dancing styles there are, including River Dance, Fred Astaire through to his own speed tap dancing style that is guaranteed have your audience on their feet cheering!

Tony Adams – Business Speaker Sydney