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Leading Cosmetic Clinic Engages Sydney SEO Partners

Sydney SEO Partners confirmed in an interview with Eleven Media their continuing growth in providing SEO optimisation services to the Health & Beauty sector with their engagement by Sydney Cosmetic Clinic


The Sydney Cosmetic Clinic was first established in 1985 and remains to this day a high standard, ethical and reputable ‘boutique’ clinic.

Over the years, the clinic has featured prominently in magazines, newspapers and on TV by reason of always being at the forefront of new techniques and new technologies. They conduct all face, body, breast, skin & male procedures.

Very importantly, and in contrast to many other clinics, the Sydney Cosmetic Clinic remains a doctor-only clinic for best results as well as patient comfort and safety. All procedures are performed by experienced, well-trained and certified cosmetic surgeons.

Dr George Mayson has been performing cosmetic surgery since 1985 and his skills, impressive results, high standards of patient care and patient satisfaction have each contributed to his reputation as one of the leading Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia.

Dr Mayson’s stated philosophy is simple: “I treat every patient as I would hope to be treated if I were the patient. Honesty and good judgment are essential. If you don’t need a particular procedure, or don’t need it yet, or would get a better result with a different procedure, I will certainly tell you so!”

Dr Mayson strives to get the very best possible result for every patient and it is this philosophy, along with his surgical skills, that deliver beautiful results for his patients.

To learn more about the services offered by the Sydney Cosmetic Clinic, visit their website here:


About Sydney SEO Partners

Sydney SEO Partners is a boutique agency with a team of the highest caliber in the industry. They strongly believe bigger is not better and pride themselves on doing everything themselves with nothing outsourced.

They have had a history of being appointed by health and beauty related professionals operating in Australia. These have ranged from cosmetic surgeons through to naturopaths and osteopaths.

The management stay abreast of what Google demands for a spot one, page one listing in their search results. They are continually doing extensive testing to interpret the algorithm changes so their clients get an unfair advantage from our findings.

They have over 15 years’ experience in optimising their own and client websites to be found high in the search results for extremely competitive local, national and international key word terms.


Media Contact

Company: Sydney Cosmetic Clinic

Contact: Laurin Sourry

Address:  L8/60 Park Street, Sydney NSW Australia 2000

Phone:   +61 02 92673322



RSS Aggregator Feed Service Offered To NFP Organisations

All service and not for profit organisations with a website or Youtube channel are now offered access to Sydney SEO Partners RSS aggregator feed Service. The service is being offered complimentary to these organisations who need to get their message and announcements on the web in a fast and efficient manner.



RSS is a standard web feed format that was released in 1999. It was quickly adopted by global publishing platforms allowing the content of an RSS feed to be downloaded and read through internet devices. The term RSS stems from the phrase ‘Rich Site Summary’, but ‘Really Simple Syndication’ has become the more well-known phrase over the years.

Sydney SEO Partners hope the free RSS service being offered is embraced by service and not for profit organisations to help them get their event and promotional messages out to major high authority news agencies and global publishers on the web.

The new RSS Aggregator Feed Service is being used in-house to promote client launches but is now being offered free to service and not for profit organisations. This service offers a High Authority RSS Aggregator Feed Service to achieve maximum exposure of the announcement. Those wanting to take advantage of this service should complete the ‘contact us’ panel found here:

We hope the free RSS service being offered is embraced by service and not for profit organisations to help them get their event and promotional messages out to major high authority news agencies and global publishers on the web. News agencies that receive these feeds have a daily thirst for authoritative news to republish on their own platforms.

The High Authority RSS Aggregator Feed Service is also designed to get news and event messages from business owners to on-line publishing platforms. This service will address the most common problem faced by all business owners and organisations of getting their message seen on the web. When using an RSS Aggregator Feed Service the websites or YouTube channel is used to communicate the announcement to news agencies receiving the RSS feeds who then repackage it and use it in their own news broadcasts.

The Sydney SEO partners RRS feeds combine the client feed in an aggregated manner along with other related high authority content that enhances the authority of the clients release. This method assists the client announcement get easily found above the noise on the web.  A good example is the recent Scars Run Deep book launch RRS aggrregated news feed release using the authors Scars Run Deep Facebook page,  along with other high authority book videos from YouTube.

Those interested in learning more about Sydney SEO Partners  RSS Services can do so by contacting us via one of the methods below.


Media Contact

Company: Sydney SEO Partners

Contact: Deanna Adams

Address:  32/1 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone:   1800 Page One